Double Flowers are Twice as Nice!


This easy, one-of-a-kind vase will keep a smile on your face long after the flowers are gone.

I loved the milky look of the vase and when I found out the top was the perfect fit for our Transform MasonTM Frog Lid, I knew I was on to something special.

Use a fine-tip permanent inside cut out flower shapes and create your own designs. It’s easy, fun and addictive!


White glass vase (any size will do!)

Loew Cornell® and La Corneille® brushes:

7430-6, Flora 7930-2, Script Liner 7050-18/0, Long Filbert 7230-6

Loew Cornell® Stylus

White vinegar or rubbing alcohol

Transparent glass stains: red, aqua, blue, orange, green, purple, yellow, pink

Transform Mason™ Frog Lid

Loew Cornell® Palette Paper

Fine tip permanent marker

Flower cutouts (see pattern and cut from card stock)

Invisible tape

Paper towels and lint free towel




Wash the vase in mild soap and warm water and rinse well.  Dry with lint-free towel.  Using a paper towel saturated with white vinegar, wipe all over the surface of the vase.  Wipe dry and keep your hands clean when handling the vase throughout the process (don’t use lotions or other products on your hands while working – they leave residue on the glass surface).

Cut out the shape of the flowers and the ribbon to use as templates if you don’t feel comfortable free-handing the designs.

Using the marker, line in the ribbon shape, conforming it to fit your own vase shape.  Make the scallops around the ribbon and add lettering and any extra detail.

Place the flowers around the open sections that are outside of the ribbon and trace an outline shape of the flowers for placement.

Apply some leaf shapes and swirls for added fun.

As you assign colors to the design, place your ribbon first and keep an eye on any drips.  I did a section at a time and let it dry a little before I moved to the other side so that I could control the paint from running.  I like the pooling effect in some of the places because it gave it more of a “pottery” style look. Use a cotton swab to clean any stray paint away before it dries.  Paint can be cleaned up with brush cleaner and water.  Do not let the stains dry in brush.



Ribbon: Pink

Flower #1: Aqua

Hearts and center dots: Red

Side of center: Blue

Comma leaves: Left side green, Pink with green dots, green, Right side green/red mix with purple dots

Flower #2: Purple petals and alternate triangles at top of petals.  Center is mix of yellow and orange. Triangle points from center are mix of red and orange

Flower #3: Outer circle is yellow.  When dry, add a circle of orange around center.  Center dots are mix of aqua and blue.  Center is aqua with a red dot in the center.

Leaf A: Green,

Leaf B: circles of red and other parts of the leaf are green

Flower #4: Petals next to center are a mix of aqua and blue.  Stripes are blue.  Commas and triangles around center are mix of yellow and orange.  Center is purple. When dry, add dots around the center with purple le viagra est il efficace.  Dots between commas are red.

Strand leaves C and leaf C next to flower #5 are green

Flower #5: Red (I did a couple of coats to brighten). Center is purple

Open areas of the vase are glazed by using a thin layer of the paint to fill in.  I kept it subtle and light, using all of the colors from the palette.

Let dry 24 hours to set completely.

Insert Transform MasonTM frog lid insert and fill with your favorite flowers.

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