Watermelon Jar

A fun, summery craft to brighten up your next outdoor party.

Step by Step Instructions

1. Using a foam brush, paint a mason jar water melon red and set aside to dry
2. With the same foam brush and paint color, paint a Transform Mason Daisy Lid Insert to match the jar and set aside to dry
3. Using a new foam brush paint the jar band a bright green to match the water melon skin and set the band aside to dry
4. After your jar has dried, using a small round brush and black paint, decorate your jar with seed shapes in a random pattern working your way around all sides of the jar from top to bottom. Once all of your seeds have been painted on, set the jar aside to dry
5. After the jar, the jar band, and the lid insert have fully dried, assemble the pieces and add an extra splash of color with some green cord or ribbon!

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