Transform Mason™

Summertime goes hand and hand with unlimited fresh produce and recently I have been harvesting my share of raspberries from my garden. When I moved to Boise, one of my student’s dad gave me some raspberry canes and after I had my first crop, I was addicted to the sweet, fresh deliciousness that is packed into that little fruit.

Since that time, I began “putting up” (canning talk!) raspberry jam. Each year my family waits for their very own jar of this sweet treat and they use it on toast, ice cream, crackers, in cookies, and on a spoon! The jars that I use for the canning have made their way into all facets of my life, and I use them to organize everything! But it doesn’t stop there, I stock chips, crackers, fresh carrots, raspberries, nuts, etc. in various sizes of the jars and they not only keep everything fresh, they look beautiful in my fridge.


A quick search on the internet wields numerous uses including my favorite, salad in a jar. I began to make my salads in a jar at the beginning of each week so that I could keep a quick grab lunch ready for when I wanted it. And, if you know me, I love fancy dishes and storage containers.

Being an artist means never missing an opportunity to decorate and these jars are no exception. I was thrilled to see that Loew Cornell® embraced the current glass trend and have recently released their new line called Transform MASON™. 

The line includes wooden tags, lid inserts, wire handles, LED light, and soap pumps.

I always loved the look of the older turquoise Ball Jars and used the Translucent Turquoise inside the “dot” jar to create my own. Add a couple of colorful tags and these jars are perfect for gifting and organizing. I filled one with my favorite chicken soup and added the cooking directions to the tag and brightened the day of a sick friend.

Look for Transform Mason™ glass accessories at your favorite retailer and add new life to your world!

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